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Oasis Educational Cube

OEC is committed in providing state-of-the-art solutions,cost-effective capabilities and consulting services to the Global Educational Industry, we cater to companies with ever growing and diverse business requirements across the world.

Our Edge

Proven Track Record

OEC taps into its strong educational acumen to find solutions to the unique set of challenges and constraints imposed by each new project and delivers solutions that fill performance gaps.We have a proven track record of successfully meeting deadlines and executing the most complex projects within budget while consistently maintaining the highest quality.

Domain Expertise

With our rich history of innovation, OEC is a dynamic leader and has been able to accumulate a wealth of experience in the global eucational industry. We have built a large knowledge base which is regularly refined and updated to ensure the most up-to-date best practices for the benefit of our clients and partners.

Ensured Service Levels

We ensure that our clients get dedicated attention from the best minds in the industry. With the use of modern technology, our management system removes all the hurdles that schools most commonly encounter.The modules and interface are designed to cater to the managerial needs that lessen the hassle and bridge the gap between parents and school management.

Pioneers in the Industry

OEC maintains its position as a leader in providing innovative solutions to the global educational industry.We take pride in being the first organization in the industry to introduce digital transformation and launch a complete line of digital solutions. We introduced our digital suite to help educational institutes tap into the advantages of digitization and mobility while taking control of the challenges inherent in this environment.